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Packaging as a Digital Brand Communicator

There is a sea change occurring in the consumer packaging industry. Packaging pros, brand managers and designers are beginning to appreciate that a pouch or box is no longer just a container for a product, but an “always on” communication vehicle connecting brands and consumers.

The reality that packaging can contain an endless array of digital content, has ushered in the age of “connected packaging” and a consequent effort to meet consumers’ expectations for product transparency. Last fall at the Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association (AIPIA) World Congress in Amsterdam, Digimarc’s CMO, Larry Logan — who is a member of AIPIA's Advisory Board — spoke about the genesis of this digital revolution and what it means for consumer packaging professionals today.

Larry delivered the opening keynote address and was interviewed by journalist Bo Wallteg. Watch the video:

In his presentation, Larry emphasized how interactive packaging is essentially a disruptive technology, and technologies of this kind often occur in waves, and accompanied by a certain amount of hype. But as the new technology is accepted, it will often result in new ways of human communication, with all new rules of adoption and engagement.

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