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Scan & Go the Digimarc Way

Successful retailers today understand the value digital technologies add to the brick-and-mortar shopping experience. Many companies are embracing physical-to-digital strategies, such as Scan & Go services, to promote convenience and increase consumer engagement.

Digimarc is a long-time partner of Zebra Technologies, a leader in data capture and automatic identification solutions, providing frictionless solutions to retailers. And together they are taking it one step further with Zebra’s PS20, a Personal Shopper device designed to promote store efficiencies and seamless shopping with Scan & Go capabilities.

Zebra’s Personal Shopper is a handheld, mobile computer that supports virtually all 1D and 2D barcodes as well as Digimarc Barcode, an imperceptible, machine-readable code that can be repeated across the entirety of a package.

Each device comes Digimarc-enabled, allowing users to scan packaging with Digimarc Barcode, making shopping easier and eliminating the need to search for a traditional barcode symbol.

Customers unlock the device using a unique identifier, such as a loyalty card, and are greeted with a personalized welcome message. Once connected, shoppers have access to their online shopping list, coupons, recommended items and recipes. With the ability to scan items in-aisle, the Personal Shopper significantly saves customers time in-store, while encouraging increased basket sizes.

The Personal Shopper also features location technology that offers discounts based on customer location and recommended shopping paths designed for personal grocery lists. Customers arrive at the payment kiosk with pre-scanned items, improving efficiency at checkout and reducing time spent waiting in lines. Additionally, store associates can use the device to streamline inventory management, online order collection and in-aisle customer assistance.

With Zebra’s Digimarc-enabled device, retailers have the opportunity to take their in-store shopping experience to the next level and stand out in a highly competitive space. Learn more about how the PS20 Personal Shopper can help increase customer loyalty, revenue and store associate productivity.

Both Digimarc and Zebra will be showcasing the PS20 at NRF 2019. Stop by Digimarc booth #3449 or Zebra booth #2101 to see the PS20 Personal Shopper in action.





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