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Signal Rich Art: A Glimpse of Tomorrow’s Design Techniques

Innovation and inspiration make the Adobe MAX conference (Oct. 15-17) a must-attend event for creatives. And to this end, Digimarc is previewing an entirely new approach to design that combines art and mathematics to produce beautiful, one-of-a-kind designs that are digitally-enabled, and go beyond what’s available using conventional codes.

The Digimarc exhibit contains art with machine-readable codes highlighting a new generation of tools and techniques to design IoT-ready packaging. The new concept is known as Signal Rich™ art and attendees can see examples of these “Color 2 Code” designs at Digimarc’s booth #833.

Examples of Signal Rich art

Visit Booth #833 Adobe MAX to find out what’s possible with Signal Rich art.

Signal Rich art is not commercially available today, but Digimarc wants to inspire designers by showing them the truly limitless possibilities of digital designs with Signal Rich art. This new approach to design—because it is based on mathematical algorithms—will literally offer an infinite number of new design approaches for the creative community. Designers will have the opportunity to combine Digimarc codes and brand colors in entirely new ways, creating one-of-a-kind art.

With Signal Rich art, the code is inherent in the design. The artwork contains a number of codes repeated throughout the product package, commercial print piece or work of art. Signal Rich art anticipates a future where sensors will be able to read barcodes and trigger a number of valuable applications for both consumers and many industries, including retail operations.

Premedia Extension for Adobe Illustrator

Along with previewing Signal Rich art, Digimarc is announcing Digimarc for Packaging, a new extension for Adobe® Illustrator® CC to make it easy for Digimarc Barcode to be added to product packaging during the premedia process. Digimarc has also partnered with award-winning designer Tad Carpenter of the Carpenter Collective, who will showcase a fictional brand of pasta products with Digimarc Barcode. Tad is a keynote speaker at the show and samples of his “connected packaging” will be on display in the booth.

Find out more about Signal Rich art and Digimarc’s Adobe MAX presence by visiting our show page.





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