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Smart, Efficient Food Traceability with Digimarc

Consumer and retailer expectations, insurance mandates and regulatory requirements necessitate that consumer goods companies and food manufacturers communicate exactly when and where products were produced – and connect those products featuring variable, serialized identities to the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) for traceability.

Digimarc makes use of more of the package, label or shipping box, making scanning faster and easier. It repeats many times across a package, label or corrugated box and enables variable, serialized identities to be included in graphics where there is limited space for QR codes or DataMatrix alternatives. See how the Digimarc Platform can work in the field:

Enable smart, efficient food traceability:

Viewing Time: 27 Seconds


Quickly associate an employee badge, multiple items and corrugate tray:

Viewing Time: 31 Seconds


Simultaneously scan multiple items with a smartphone:

Viewing Time: 31 Seconds


To find out more how Digimarc supports traceability initiatives click here. You can learn more about the benefits of the Digimarc Platform.





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