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Take a ‘Total Store’ Approach to Retail Technology

From the front of store to center aisles, Digimarc Barcode delivers greater efficiency for retailers. The advanced barcode offers features and benefits that are entirely unavailable when using traditional barcodes, QR codes or other identifiers.

For example, the ability to carry more data compared with UPC or EAN barcodes enables retailers to automatically markdown fresh food prices before products spoil. Because shoppers and store associates can scan products and shelf-edge tags with mobile phones, consumers and clerks get instant access to product ingredients, inventory data and other important information. And, the replication of Digimarc Barcode data across product packaging, thermal labels and hangtags ensures a faster and more efficient experience for consumers and cashiers at checkout.

See how Digimarc Barcode can improve profit margins and why it makes many aspects of modern retail more reliable:





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