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Top Trends in Mobile Scanning

The pandemic has accelerated technology adoption and innovation in areas big and small, and mobile technology has been no exception. But even beyond COVID-19’s tremendous impact, the evolution of mobile technology has been guided by its own momentum, adapting to new consumer retail habits, changing data privacy policies, a move from native apps to web-based scanning, among other developments.

Pär Svensson is Digimarc’s Sr. Product Manager for Digimarc Mobile apps and SDKs, and we spoke to him about trends in the mobile scanning space.


  1. COVID-19’s impact on mobile technology in retail
  2. New data privacy polices
  3. AR trends
  4. Moving from mobile apps to web apps
  5. Brand protection and recycling-related challenges and how Digimarc’s Mobile SDK can help
  6. What’s coming down the road from Digimarc’s mobile team

Viewing Time: 28 Minutes


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