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Any & All Identifiers: The role of watermarks and our combined commitment to using the right tool for the job

A discussion between Tony Rodriguez and Dom Guinard affirms our commitment to using the proper tools to support customers by making sure that the full breadth identification technologies are available to customers.

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Dom Guinard: We got overwhelmingly good feedback from our customers and partners about the acquisition of EVRYTHNG by Digimarc. But one of the concerns they have is one of the real core values of EVRYTHNG that they perceived as very interesting was the neutrality of tagging technology. We're kind of the Swiss Army knife of tagging technologies. They can choose whatever tagging tech they want to use; it doesn't really matter for us. One of the concerns is Digimarc being a strong world leader in watermarking, will this mean that EVRYTHNG will only push watermarking moving forward as part of Digimarc?

Tony Rodriguez: It's an understandable question and concern, but across our experience with all our customers, it's really been focused around solving the problem the customers have. As a company founded by engineers and largely populated by engineers, the reality is that you want to use the right tool for the problem. And there are many applications where QR codes, Code 128, RFID. These are all symbologies that we've worked with, but you know, they are the correct symbology or identification mechanism for that workflow, for the object, for the needs. We are absolutely committed to making sure that the full breadth of identifiers or identification technologies are available for our combined customers. Yes, there are places where watermarking has value, but there are plenty of places where some of these other symbologies are the correct choice and we stand behind the customers’ ability to make that choice. We think that is just critical.

Dom Guinard: For me, where it gets really exciting is that there is even more value when you combine them. When you start combining a QR code with watermarking or whatever other tagging technology with watermarking. That's where you can really leverage the full power of item identification.





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