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Better Together: Why the combination of Digimarc and EVRYTHNG benefits customers

Reflecting on a partnership of over five years, Niall Murphy and Riley McCormack discuss the combination of Digimarc and EVRYTHNG to provide comprehensive product intelligence solutions for customers.

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Niall Murphy: So Riley, we're at a really interesting time in the digital transformation, the world's economy. We're putting our two businesses together. What's your take on that?

Riley McCormack: You know Naill, one of the wonderful things about this partnership is we've had five years of go-to-market partnership. And one of the things that we've heard repeatedly from our shared customers and partners is how wonderful your IoT platform is, the EVRYTHNG product cloud. At Digimarc, what we have is a deterministic identity. We have a unique deterministic identity because it has three attributes. It is covert, because it is covert, it can be ubiquitous over a product. And because it can be ubiquitous, it can be redundant. That is very interesting for a lot of use cases. But the real value is in providing solutions to customers. Where bringing just a deterministic identity is interesting, providing the complete solution of tracking that data to the deterministic identity can generate and adding so much value to the customers. That's what's interesting. And after hearing repeatedly, from our multiple customers, how much how well we go together. It just made a lot of sense.

Niall Murphy: We said the other day: separated at birth.

Riley McCormack: Separated at birth, yeah.

Niall Murphy: I think what's fascinating is brands are now engaging in collecting as much traceability intelligence as possible to inform their businesses. That data that they can gather from their physical assets, right across the journey, that has to have trust and integrity. If it doesn't have trust and integrity, it's not valuable data. And so, we've got these two polarities of how do you gather data that you can believe in? And how do you apply intelligence to that data that you can gather, so that you can drive meaningful conclusion and business results? So, the product cloud combined with absolutely trustable identity with product item creates a killer proposition.

Riley McCormack: Absolutely, agreed.





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