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Branding & Packaging Pros to Highlight Innovative Solutions

The brands that matter most are the brands that personally connect with consumers. These brands utilize all their brand assets to communicate what is special and unique about their products. Digimarc’s partner SGK is a leader in packaging solutions and brand experiences, and to help brands stay on top of trends and developments, they’ve organized a one-day, virtual event, SGK Around the World, on Wednesday, June 23 (10am BST) to inspire and educate.

The event brings together CMOs, Brand Managers, Supply Chain Professionals, Retailers, and others, in over 15 special sessions covering everything from myths about storytelling, to how pharmaceutical brands can utilize connected packages.

Digimarc’s Güneri Tugcu, Sr. Channel Partner Sales, will take part in the event, participating in a session titled “Sustainable Packaging: The HolyGrail 2.0,” along with industry-experts from SGK and Packaging Europe, to explore the trends and technologies currently impacting sustainable packaging. Register now.

Watch a sneak preview of the session Güneri (bottom right) will participate in:

Find out more about Digimarc’s involvement with the HolyGrail 2.0 project.






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