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Global Trends in Innovative Packaging

Packaging is the at the center of the modern supply chain. It traverses the entire value chain, reaching consumers in retail settings, as well as having a lengthy post-consumer life in waste and recycling streams. This central position in both the supply chain and society at-large means societal and business issues, such as consumer transparency and recyclability, are inseparable from innovation and package creation today.

Florian Constabel, Head of Digimarc at Wipak, is an expert in innovative packaging and digital printing. He has won a German Packaging Award as both an individual in 2011 and also as part of a team at Wipak in 2017. He is ideally positioned in the industry to provide insights into what is happening now in the innovative packaging space. We interviewed Florian on the following:


  • Two biggest trends in packaging


  • Developments in sustainability and packaging, particularly in Europe


  • Monomaterials and their implication for packaging


  • How the Wipak-Digimarc partnership supports Wipak’s carbon neutral goals

Viewing Time: 16 Minutes

Find out more about Wipak and its solutions, as well get information on Digimarc for packaging as well as our sustainability solutions.





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