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Making a Meaningful Impact: Solving big problems such as plastic circularity with knowledge about the whereabouts of things

Riley McCormack talks through the value EVRYTHNG brings to complement Digimarc’s work with the HolyGrail 2.0 initiative, driven by AIM - European Brands Association and powered by the Alliance to End Plastic Waste.

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Riley McCormack: The things you said to me once is that the amount of knowledge you can help a company discover about their own operations, its exponential versus the amount of data that they put on your platform that they can then travel. We're going to be able to expand that dramatically for these visionary customers that are truly trying to save the planet and solve for this plastic end of life problem. And so having you guys’ expertise, having you guys’ voice as part of HolyGrail, talking about how the cloud should be–the best way to optimize a cloud to provide this unlock. And then also on the consumer side, I know that you guys have a lot of thought leadership in consumer engagement. And it's not: gone are the days static QR code point a phone get the same output, no matter what. There's a lot of business intelligence, a lot of business rules that can be built into a platform that provides more value to the consumer, which then provides more value to the brands. It becomes a virtuous cycle. And part of recycling is not just what happens in the sortation center. Yeah, that's important. Part of it starts upstream with the consumer. Really understanding the best ways to unlock consumer engagement is another value that I'm excited to bring. Kind of like I'm bringing the friend with the best playlist to the party. We get to bring you guys to the HolyGrail party, and you guys get to educate the industry, and eventually the world with your best practice, what you guys have learned, bringing that to the benefit of the industry.





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