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PACCOR Study Highlights Sustainability Value of Digimarc Technology

The packaging industry continues to shift toward a circular economy in response to consumer and societal demand. Ninety-two percent of consumers, for example, believe brands should take an active role to increase recycling, according to the Carton Council of North America.

PACCOR, Digimarc’s first Platinum Pioneer Plastics Partner, is a global leader in the packaging industry and is utilizing Digimarc digital watermark technology to improve plastic sorting rates as part of the HolyGrail 2.0 project.

In an effort to document the value of packaging with Digimarc watermarks, PACCOR recently published the study, “How We Create Value,” which looked at the impact of Digimarc watermarks if implemented across the whole value chain.

The study involved 1,000 plastic food trays with Digimarc watermarks. The researchers compared standard trays (no watermark) and trays with the Digimarc watermark. The accuracy of the plastic sorting process was greatly increased with Digimarc watermark trays. This process reduces plastics from being wrongfully sorted and ending up in landfills or marine environments.

As a result, PACCOR can meet regulatory requirements for sustainability and recycling targets.

The study determined Digimarc watermarks:

  • Improve sorting and recovery efficiency rates by 90%
  • Create 41% more financial capital (i.e., flow of financial value along value chain)
  • Reduce natural capital (i.e., stock of renewable and non-renewable natural resources) loss by 52%
  • Improve screening and separation of different polymer types
  • Maintain consumer health and food safety in relation to packaging

Read the full PACCOR white paper: “How We Create Value.”

Watch a short video about how PACCOR and Digimarc create a “Digital Recycling Passport:”

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