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Antipiracy: It’s All About the Human Touch

More than a decade ago, it was common for antipiracy providers to promote “fully automated” services as being a key feature of an effective antipiracy service, but now publishers are appreciating how it takes human "piracy detectives" to verify the accuracy of piracy links. Find out how Digimarc's global verification teams gets the job done.

Five Ways to Utilize Variable Data Printing

Digital printing offers brands and retailers an exciting toolkit for printing beautiful packaging, but it also facilitates Variable Data Printing, which unlocks a host of powerful benefits.

Ensuring the Safety and Health of Frontline Grocery Workers

Retailers are laser focused on the health and safety of employees and customers amidst the crisis, and they’re responding by employing new practices and procedures in stores.

Shoppers Embrace Home Delivery & Store Pickup

Along with the many challenges resulting from COVID-19, a distinct opportunity has arisen with an unprecedented spike in online grocery sales (encompassing both home delivery and store pickup). Retailers who approach this development with the right strategies and technologies, stand to benefit.

Private Label Gains, Reduced Shopper Density

When you combine increased private label demand with the requirements of social distancing, you have a challenging operational mix for grocery retailers. Find out how the Digimarc Platform can help support the "new normal" by increasing efficiencies.

Scan & Go’s Moment Arrives

Grocery retailers must improve frontline hygiene and limit human contact, relying on technology as much as possible. This imperative has raised the profile of scan-and-go systems and highlighted their singular benefits.

Fast Tracking Inventory Processes & Price Auditing

Slow and inefficient inventory processes clogs aisles, wastes unnecessary dollars, and zaps valuable employee resources. Digimarc Barcode on packaging makes it faster and easier for employees to manage inventory so they can spend more time assisting shoppers and keep stores flowing smoothly.

Earth Day at 50: Time for a Sustainability Mindset

Earth Day turns 50 this year, and right now it is more critical than ever that companies and individuals address climate change and rising green house gas emissions. Digimarc is committed to helping retailers and consumer brands make their products and operations more sustainable to reduce food waste, product waste and improve plastic sorting rates.

Get Transparent with Consumers

Digimarc Barcode is a seamless element of packaging artwork making the entire package a digital channel. Using an app enabled with Digimarc Discover software, consumers can scan for additional information. Watch two videos to see how easy it is.

Enable Scan & Go and Loss Prevention

Watch two short videos and discover how the Digimarc Platform can help retailers both prevent front-end product loss and reduce friction for time-crunched shoppers.

A Universe of Connected Designs

Designers have always used cutting-edge technology to promote their work. The Digimarc Platform makes it easy for designers to create beautiful work that connects consumers to digital content. Found out how adding Digimarc to designs can extend its scope and influence.

Bridging the Omnichannel Gap Between Print & Web

As shoppers become more tech savvy, retailers are finding innovative ways to blend the online and in-store shopping experiences. See how the Digimarc Platform can connect consumers to products via their digital devices with "Connected Print."

Rapid Scanning for Fresh Products

Fresh Product departments are rapidly expanding due to consumer demand. See how the Digimarc Platform can enable efficient inventory practices to reduce operational shrink and enhance track and trace processes.

Scannable Fashion

Discover the many consumer engagement and operational benefits of adding imperceptible Digimarc Barcode to jersey embellishments, jackets and fashion items.

Electronic Imaging Symposium 2020: Image Processing, AI and Deepfakes

This year's Electronic Imaging Symposium highlighted the latest research and development in the image processing field, including a presentation on how digital watermarking can help detect and deter Deepfake news videos.

World Economic Forum: Sustainability Takes the Spotlight

The 50th Annual World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland brought together over 3,000 business and government leaders to discuss many of the world’s most pressing problems. Read our takeaways pertaining to a major theme of the summit: Sustainability.

Digimarc Receives Award at Europe’s Top Retail Show

Digimarc received the “Top Supplier Retail 2020” award from the EHI Retail Institute for its work adding Digimarc Barcode to Netto’s private label brand packaging.

Artist Uses Digimarc for Gallery Engagement & Counterfeit Protection

Images today are shared across multiple online platforms and distributed at light speed, creating challenges for the owners, who have a difficult time managing their image asset's usage and distribution. Find out how an artist applied Digimarc Barcode to her photograph to ensure image protection and usage.

NRF 2020: Immersive Store Models, Sustainability & Experiential Marketing

This year's NRF "Retail's Big Show" in New York City once again provided attendees with dozens of world-class workshop speakers from across the industry. To succeed in in 2020 and beyond, retailers must increasingly respond to a customer who expects engaging in-store experiences, sustainable business models and a streamlined purchase journey.

Top 5 Reasons Consumers Leave Stores Empty-handed

Consumers are searching for convenience and efficiency and will purchase elsewhere if they can't find it. Find out why loyal consumers are willing to leave the store without their intended items.

A Fresh Perspective on Grocery Shrink

Consumers are “nuts” for healthy snacks and fresh products and retailers are happily expanding their offerings. But these items often come with higher shrink rates and waste, presenting new challenges. Find out exactly what retailers are facing in their fresh departments and what they can do about it.

Watermarking & the New Age of Media Security

In conversation with Adnan Alattar

Consumer Loyalty: 'There's an App for That'

Retailers are gravitating toward new ways to win and retain loyal customers and mobile apps are an important piece of this effort.

Manufacturers Struggling with Impact of Product Mislabeling

This year four our out of five manufacturers expect to experience mislabeling inaccuracies, according to new of survey by Packaging World magazine of more than 200 leading manufacturers. Get the free report and learn more.

Scanning in the Fast Lane

Check out this video comparing scanning times for Digimarc Barcode and UPC/EAN barcode. Find out how retailers can utilize Digimarc Barcode for private label packaging on tasks like scanning individual products to check inventory or confirm price accuracy

Retailers Courting Millennials with Private Labels

Retailers worldwide are fighting for millennial shoppers and they’re doing it on the private label battlefield. A recent study by Cadent Consulting Group indicated that 32% of Millennial shopping baskets consist of private label offerings. There are multiple factors for their enthusiasm.

Digimarc Barcode Gets its Groove On

How Digimarc's Barcode for Audio is being applied in the music industry to prevent discrepancies in royalty payments and copyright. Additionally, how Digimarc's Green Onions band is utilizing this technology for their latest album.

University Study: Digimarc Barcode Faster & Safer for Cashiers

A cashier ergonomic study conducted by the Exercise Science Research Center at the University of Arkansas shows that scanning packaging with Digimarc Barcode has the potential to be safer and faster for cashiers.

New Quality Control Tools for Printers working with Digimarc Barcode

Digimarc has introduced a comprehensive Digimarc Quality Management System (QMS) to assess quality and data validation of Digimarc Barcode throughout the print production workflow.

Developers Can Now Use Digimarc Mobile SDK for AR

Find out how developers using our Mobile SDK can now leverage the software to trigger augmented reality experiences with ARKit and ARCore.

dotBC Helping Music Rights Holders Get Paid

dotBC is offering a new Rights Management Solution that combines blockchain and Digimarc Barcode for Audio to help rights holders get paid for their music. Find out more.





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