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Apple Changing Our Engagement with the Physical World

Is there any hope of reconciling the digital and the physical worlds? Our CTO Tony Rodriguez examines the possibilities of ARKit, Apples's new augmented reality tools in iOS 11.

Amazon Go and the Future of Retail

There's been a lot of buzz about Amazon Go: Questions about what technologies they are using and how realistic is a grab-and-go store. Digimarc's chief technologist Tony Rodriguez examines Amazon's promotional video and delivers his analysis of Amazon's brave new experiment.

To Code or Not to Code: Turning to an SDK for Help

You have a new client with an exciting app project. They are expecting a robust application with sophisticated functionality. Find out the pros and cons of doing the code in-house versus using third-party libraries.

Fixing The Music Industry’s Royalty Payment Problem

No other business is feeling the pain of copyright issues and royalty accounting challenges quite like the music industry.

Technology Expert Expects Blockchain will Revolutionize Music

The music industry has experienced successive waves of disruption in the internet age. File-sharing services, digital media platforms and streaming services have changed the way we work, live and play.

Blockchain for Blockheads

If you have a basic grasp of what a database is (a system of records and fields), you are close to understanding blockchain technology, which is essentially a “distributed database.”

E-Book Piracy Costing Publishers Millions

Most people are not surprised print books remain the reading public’s format of choice—centuries of reading habits don’t change overnight—but e-books are now a considerable slice of the market, with 28% of respondents in a 2016 Pew Research Center study reporting they had read an e-book in the last year.

Expanding Our Expertise in Premium Product Packaging

Digimarc has welcomed an accomplished executive to our team in Beaverton, Oregon. Scott Wilcox is a former vice president at sgsco, a global package design and production company, and he joined Digimarc in early January.

Packaging as a Digital Brand Communicator

There is a sea change occurring in the consumer packaging industry. Packaging pros, brand managers and designers are beginning to appreciate that a pouch or box is no longer just a container for a product, but an “always on” communication vehicle connecting brands and consumers.

Know the 3 Types of Connected Packaging

Understanding the characteristics of certain technologies can help brands make more informed decisions about enabling connected packaging. These definitions and insights about high-tech packaging solutions will help you speak directly to shoppers in store aisles, at home or wherever they are ready to buy.

Matching Component Parts Can Be a Rocky Road for Product Makers

There’s no use crying over spilled milk, but wasting thousands of gallons of ice cream is depressing for dessert fans and infuriating for investors.





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