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Planet Digimarc: Empowering prosperity, safety and sustainability

When more than 300 teammates convened this week – virtually and in Portland, Ore. – for the inaugural Digimarc Global Town Hall, participants journeyed to a future where Digimarc product digitization technology helps make the world a better place.

Following an important strategic acquisition and integration; the addition of top talent, remote workers and new board members; and, with the aim of emerging smarter and healthier from a period of global pandemic and unrest, Digimarc executives know the time is now to align as a unified team with a clear, positive purpose.

“This past year has been transformative for Digimarc, but it has also highlighted just how critical digital experiences are,” Digimarc CEO Riley McCormack told teammates. “It’s fundamentally how the world connects, engages and does business.”

With that global embrace of all things digital in mind, McCormack and other leaders outlined Digimarc’s vision for becoming the world-leading provider of product digitization technology.

They explained how we have a generational opportunity to make a meaningful impact beyond our individual careers by combating counterfeiting that threatens product safety and society’s trust in its currency, illuminating opaque supply chains for greater efficiency, and solving the world’s complex plastic waste problem.

Our purpose as a company – the rationale for why we exist – was reinforced:

We illuminate a product's journey to provide trusted intelligence and promote a prosperous, safer and more sustainable world.

In addition, executive leadership explained how our purpose is supported by what we do:

We provide unique identifiers and cloud-based solutions that create digital identities capable of collaborating with applications and machines to deliver business value.

Teammates were encouraged to draw upon our values of courage, collaboration and curiosity as we strive to exceed our goals to obsess over customer trust, cultivate top talent, deliver quality products that scale, and create network effects that deliver enduring value.

Participants also enjoyed an inside look at our ambitious product development plans.

Digimarc will deliver unique solutions that give customers visibility into their products’ journey and interactions, providing critical intelligence to guide them in ensuring authenticity, protecting integrity, and increasing operational agility and circularity at every step along the supply chain. Executives shared their belief that Digimarc’s product digitization solutions are crucial for businesses aspiring to attain complete digital transformation because when you can see everything, you can achieve anything. And, Digimarc intends to achieve a lot.

Overall, the four-day event promotes understanding of our strategy, facilitates collaboration, encourages thoughtful planning, increases camaraderie and morale, and sets Planet Digimarc on the path to maximize performance, ensure success and increase shareholder value.

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