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Shared Vision: Envisioning a world with information about every item at every point in its journey

Niall Murphy speaks of Digimarc and EVRYTHNG’s shared vision of providing customers with frictionless solutions to deliver cohesive information on items at every step along the product lifecycle.

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Niall Murphy: I think the vision we share is a world where we have information about every item at every point in its journey. Whether it be a product manufacturer, or brand or retailer can benefit from having that information. It's a highly complex problem behind the scenes. We've got to be able to collect information across a pretty fragmented supply chain. Data might be coming about an item from the item itself, or from a pallet, or from a case, or other forms of input. As you say, the customer really just needs a solution, they need all of that solved. Whatever the identity mechanism is, whatever the data source integration that has to be undertaken, we need to get a cohesive data output that the customer can take advantage of. And that can drive application value. The more friction we can take out of those integrations, the better result we’re going to deliver.

Riley McCormack: We’ll take the friction on ourselves, we’ll deliver the nice, easy solution to the end customer.





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