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Six Key Strategies to Protect Brand Identity

The value of counterfeit and pirated goods will exceed $1.9 trillion globally by 2022, according to the International Chamber of Commerce. It’s clear that product counterfeiting will only get worse, especially with retail sales increasingly occurring online. As a result, consumer brands must address the threat by protecting the safety of their customers and their hard-earned brand reputation.

There are a number of strategies consumer brands can take to start protecting themselves against counterfeiters, including adding digital watermarks to brand assets so they can be traced if misused by bad actors. Another approach is to boost product accessibility by setting up e-commerce sites in regions where illegal manufacturing and selling are conducted, which gives companies a legal standing to act on.

Those are two examples of how brands can start protecting their brand today. Check out all six key strategies to protect brand identity, by downloading a visual checklist. It guides brands through the essentials of brand identity protection.

In addition, get our full guide that outlines how to implement a multi-layered approach to protecting your brand, including how to utilize three digital watermarking methods to combat counterfeiters.





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