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Turnkey Solutions: How removing barriers eases the integration effort of digital deployments for customers

Tony Rodriguez and Dom Guinard discuss how the unification of Digimarc and EVRYTHNG’s solutions will remove barriers and provide customers with a seamless experience.

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Tony Rodriguez: Over the history of Digimarc, we have worked very closely with our customers to provide those identification technologies, in the form of digital watermarking, to meet really specific needs–whether that's security, or the ability to, in some of our more recent work, work with recycling. And that's tremendous, but that data and that information being able to then be passed into an ecosystem–like the product cloud creates–that allows for the analytics and the extraction in the dashboard and all the insight is something that's going to really make it much easier for our customers as opposed to them talking to you and me, and then looking at the pieces and figuring out how to glue all together. You know, our teams have been working on behalf of our customers, but now our customers will get the combined solution. And they're just able to basically it's going to be turnkey, which is which is great for–well, it's great for both of us.

Dom Guinard: Yeah, my experience is this is really what the customers are looking for: removing as many barriers as possible. This kind of digital deployments are challenging enough. So, the more barriers you can remove, the better it is going to be for our customers.





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