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U.S. Plastics Pact’s ‘Roadmap to 2025’

Sustainability is increasingly an important focus for businesses, consumers and governments, yet the challenge remains how to make an actionable difference when, according to Euromonitor, plastic packaging waste is expected to total 2.7 trillion units by 2022. One crucial answer is the implementation of a truly circular economy to prevent plastic material from ending up in landfills and oceans.

The U.S. Plastics Pact is playing a crucial role in developing a circular economy, and to further this goal, they recently released the “Roadmap to 2025,” a high-level project plan for how the U.S. Plastics Pact and its signatories, known as “activators,” can achieve four key goals by 2025 in support of a future circular economy. Digimarc is a signatory to the U.S. Plastics Pact and has played an ongoing role in the formation of the Roadmap, which is designed to ignite change and accelerate progress across the entire plastics value chain to address plastic waste at its source.

We had an opportunity to interview the U.S. Plastics Pact’s Tiana Lightfoot-Svendsen to get her insights into the roadmap and why it is crucial.


  • Defining the circular economy and its significance


  • The role and mission of the U.S. Plastics Pact


  • What is the “Roadmap to 2025” and why it matters


  • The four main goals of the Roadmap


Viewing Time: 8 Minutes

For more information you can download the ‘Roadmap to 2025’ and also visit Digimarc’s recycling page to learn more about our work with HolyGrail 2.0.





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