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Webinar: Product Digitization Makes Sustainable Apparel Possible

A new era of product digitization has enabled forward-thinking fashion brands to engage consumers in recycling and sustainability initiatives directly through the products they purchase and wear.

By digitizing their products, leading brands are now achieving full visibility into every product’s journey through the supply chain, and those efforts have proven essential to supporting the sustainability goals of apparel brands.

In a recent webinar hosted by Digimarc, presenters from two top apparel brands — Jennifer Patrick of Patagonia and Vanessa Hallik of Another Tomorrow — as well as Digimarc's apparel expert, Judy Moon, discussed why sustainable fashion means going digital.

They were joined by an impressive audience including hundreds of apparel and footwear industry leaders who shared valuable insights about the state of sustainability.

Although more than 85% of respondents polled during the webinar described sustainability as among their companies’ top priorities, nearly half admitted that their organization doesn’t have a clear strategy. Another third of poll respondents recognized the value of product digitization efforts for tracking and sharing the provenance of a garment.

If you missed this informative event, you’ll gain all these insights and more when you catch the free replay. Learn about the future of fashion and access the recording now.





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