Digimarc Customers

Digimarc's customers are industry leaders that have enhanced the power and reach of their products and services by incorporating the Digimarc Intuitive Computing platform into their business. Digimarc bring scale, convenience and expertise to a variety of industry sectors, including retail, consumer packaged goods, music and entertainment, and publishing. Our customers reap the benefits of connected packaging, omni-channel marketing campaigns, Digital file tracking & security and much more. Working with our customers, we are able to identify and understand emerging market needs and show customers immediate and sustained return on investment.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Working with Digimarc gives us the ability to let our knowledgeable and passionate staff be the crucial customer touch point we want them to be."

Sean Teisher,
Senior IT director at New Seasons

"Fans are speaking with their actions. They want mobile phones to enhance their experience."

Dewayne Hankins,
Senior VP, Brand Strategy & Digital at Portland Trail Blazers

"For us, Digimarc is a no-brainer and a clear next step to our digital asset management process."

Michael Beahm,
Digital SEO Analyst, Digital Marketing, Shaw Industries

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