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Improving the Retail Customer Experience One Barcode at a Time

Working with Digimarc gives us the ability to let our knowledgeable and passionate staff be the crucial customer touch point we want them to be.

- Sean Teisher, senior IT director at New Seasons

New Seasons Market, a leading grocery chain that prides itself on its unique neighborhood grocery shopping experience, is adopting Digimarc Barcode for its partner brands products to increase checkout speed and boost brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. Partner branded products with Digimarc-enhanced packaging will start appearing on New Seasons shelves in the first quarter of the year.

Improving the Customer Experience

With stores throughout Washington, Oregon and Northern California, New Seasons is a champion of the communities it serves and is known for its loyal following of customers who care about their food and the store they bought it from.

The Digimarc Barcode is imperceptibly replicated across all sides of a package and does not infringe upon existing designs. The package can be scanned at any angle, significantly increasing checkout speed and accuracy. This saves the retailer money, as well as improving the customer experience at checkout, by allowing cashiers to interact with their customers during the process and ensure they received an optimal in store experience.

Responding to Demand for More Product Information

Digimarc Barcode makes product information more readily available to consumers as they shop in the aisle with their smartphones, ranging from inspirational cooking ideas to stories behind their local suppliers. Smartphone-assisted shopping is an increasingly common trend, with a recent Harris Poll survey finding 78 percent of U.S. adult shoppers want more information about the products they are looking to purchase. The technology also can be used for deli product labels and point of purchase signage.

"New Seasons prides itself on providing a shopping experience that is more than just a transaction," said Sean Teisher, senior IT director at New Seasons. "Working with Digimarc gives us the ability to let our knowledgeable and passionate staff be the crucial customer touch point we want them to be. It's important to us that our employees are able to devote their attention to customers and make sure they are able to help in any way they can."

"New Seasons is a leader in creating neighborhood gathering places, delivering trademark customer service and partnering with farmers and producers to bring their customers the best in the region," said Bruce Davis, CEO at Digimarc. "We are excited for the role our Digimarc Barcode will play in further enhancing consumer engagement with their brands at retail and making greater product information accessible in a simple and easy way."