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Flooring Company Uses Digimarc® to Protect Product Photos

Digimarc was a total game-changer for our platform. We couldn’t do what we're doing today without a system like this.

- Michael Beahm, Digital SEO Analyst, Digital Marketing, Shaw Industries

The explosive growth of media has resulted in an ever-growing need to protect the rights of the people and organizations that own content, creating desire for digital asset protection. Photography is distributed across a vast array of communications channels and media outlets, but that multiplicity makes it difficult to track when and where content is used, and whether licensing fees are paid.

Founded in 1967, Shaw Industries is a full-service flooring manufacturer and supplier with more than 20,000 associates and a portfolio of leading global brands and products that encompass every flooring category.

The Shaw Web Studio customer network is made up of about 1,100 independent flooring retailers who offer Shaw products to consumers. In order to help market Shaw’s catalog of products, the company uses Adobe® Scene 7 software to provide a digital library of assets, including photographs, for each retailer.

The integration of Digimarc technology directly into Adobe Scene 7 makes it easy for the Shaw team to transfer assets and rapidly share them with internal departments and retailers. Scene 7 with Digimarc assures seamless content protection and tracking across every medium, giving Shaw Industries clear visibility into the usage of its digital assets. "Adobe Scene 7 makes it easy to provide the asset library to each individual retailer based on their content subscription level," said Michael Beahm, Digital SEO Analyst, Digital Marketing, Shaw Industries. "For us, Digimarc is a no-brainer and a clear next step to our digital asset management process."

Digimarc's technology provides Shaw and other customers with an accurate picture of where content is currently used. Occasionally, Shaw staffers identify retailers who aren’t well-versed in licensing requirements and unknowingly use Shaw’s photography without licensing it. But, Beahm and his team can immediately pinpoint which content is being inadvertently misused. Additionally, Digimarc works with Shaw to monitor sites that have been repeat offenders, removing the burden from the Shaw team.

"Digimarc was a total game-changer for our platform,” Beahm said. "We couldn’t do what we're doing today without a system like this."

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