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Last updated: August 15, 2017

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Getting Started Kit: Ensuring Success with Digimarc Barcode
Digimarc Barcode: An Introduction v1.1
Getting Started Best Practices v1.1
Enhancing Your Brand with Digimarc Barcode v2.0
SOP Template v1.0
Guide to Digimarc Barcode Manager v1.0
Sending Receiving and Testing Artwork Files v2.0
Printing and Assessment: Guides to Printing and Assessment of Packages Enhanced with Digimarc Barcode
A Printers Guide to Digimarc Barcode v1.0
Warning for Printers v1.1
Ensuring the Accuracy of Digimarc Barcode v1.1
Guide to Digimarc Verify - Mobile v2.0
Quickstart Guide to Digimarc Verify - Mobile v2.0
Guide to Digimarc Verify - Desktop for Windows v1.1
Guide to Digimarc Verify - Desktop for macOS v1.0
Printer Specifications v1.0
Tools and Techniques: Enhancing Packages and Other Print Media with Digimarc Barcode
Guide to the Digimarc Barcode Plug-in v3.0
Quickstart Guide to the Digimarc Barcode Plug-in v3.0
Techniques for Enhancing Print Media with Digimarc Barcodes v1.1
Techniques for Enhancing Packaging with Digimarc Barcodes v3.1

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