Connected Corrugate Drives Supply Chain Visibility

Corrugate enhanced with Digimarc can improve the completeness, accuracy and timeliness of data collection and quality control throughout the supply chain. It also supports the growing corrugate demand from increased ecommerce sales by doing more with less codes.


Digimarc for Corrugate & Pallet Labels

Today’s supply chain demands visibility for accurate decision making. Corrugate shippers and pallets increasingly need unique identification to meet regulations, traceability and Industry 4.0 standards of efficiency. Enhancing corrugate shippers with Digimarc Barcode, a redundant digital identity, improves first-pass read rates in high-speed, fixed-point scanning environments, speeds up scanning for repetitive manual processes, provides a counterfeit deterrent mechanism and can reduce the amount of ink used; Digimarc uses 10 percent less ink per square inch than a QR code.

Shippers can be enhanced with a serialized Digimarc identity to provide each box with a unique ID, essential for traceability initiatives or ecommerce operations where consumers need to return products in the same shipper. Retailers and consumer brands can equally benefit with Digimarc-enhanced shelf-ready corrugate and retail displays that can collect both consumer scanning data, as well as timely information on setup.

95% of all products in the U.S. are shipped in corrugated boxes
30.1% is how much ecommerce sales increased in the first half of 2020 (up from 12.7% YOY in 2019)
95% is how much ecommerce returns increased over the last five years
25% of shipping labels are misread in sorting centers due to torn, smudged, or crinkled barcodes
30% of personnel in parcel sorting centers are needed to flip parcels barcode-side up

Easy to Work With

Digimarc works with third-party hardware manufacturers to provide pre-integrated solutions across each of the following application methods:

Ink Jet Technology

Packaging suppliers printing with industrial ink jet technology (coder marker) can enhance corrugate with Digimarc during the manufacturing process. Using this method with serialized Digimarc identities, makes it possible to have pre-defined Digimarc identifies placed on corrugate and pallets while outsourcing the serialization to third parties. Alternatively, these same inkjet technologies can be applied on manufacturing, fill and logistics lines to dynamically print data during key points in a product’s lifecycle. Digimarc applied in this manner uses less ink than other symbologies of similar size—saving money in the process.

Digital Printing

Packaging suppliers, including web-to-pack operations, printing with digital printing devices can serialize corrugate with Digimarc to improve counterfeit protection and consumer engagement options. This is commonly provided during the corrugate manufacturing process.

Thermal Labels

Digimarc can be applied with thermal printers to enhance labels that are later affixed to corrugate. The unique benefits of Digimarc include faster scanning, higher first-pass read rates and counterfeit protection. In addition, this option can be applied in a “just in time” manner during manufacturing, fill and/or logistics events in the supply chain.

Laser Ablation

Enhancing items such as wood pallets and metal with Digimarc can be done using laser ablation rather than print methods. Laser ablation is a “subtractive process,” where microscopic patterns are added to a portion of the substrate. Objects enhanced with Digimarc using laser ablation provide counterfeit protection and increase scanning accuracy compared to other symbologies.


Reduce ID Failure Rates

Scanning failure rates due to damaged barcodes negatively impact quality control and supply chain efficiency. Digimarc customers report as much as a 30 percent increase in first-pass read rates, helping to reducing returns and manual error processing.

Faster Manual Scanning

Controlled studies have shown Digimarc, when scanned by handheld and mobile devices, scans significantly faster than many traditional barcodes, including QR, Data Matrix and GS128 codes. For highly repetitive scanning tasks this means improved productivity of associates and improved data accuracy. This is also critical for real-time, accurate insight into corrugate shippers in high-volume ecommerce operations.

Save on Labels & Ink Costs

Ecommerce operations incur substantial materials costs with ink and labels. Applying Digimarc to corrugate shippers removes the needs for labels and multiple codes. Digimarc also requires less ink than printing with traditional barcodes, including QR codes.

Counterfeit Protection

Digimarc is not easy to reproduce due to its patented encoding and decoding technology. When paired with IoT Management systems, Digimarc makes it difficult for counterfeiters to duplicate corrugate and/or pallets during the shipping process.

Digitally-Engage Shoppers

In-store retail displays provide retailers and consumer brands with a unique opportunity to attract and engage shopper attention. Enhancing corrugate with Digimarc allows shoppers to scan for digital promotions, video, promo codes or to connect directly with ecommerce sites.

Promotional Display Compliance

Consumer brand teams can measure compliance of in-store retail displays (including shelf-ready packaging) through Digimarc’s imperceptible, serialized identities on corrugate. When paired with third-party IoT management software, the displays can be validated for location, appropriate setup, proper fill, etc. First and secondary packaging can also be associated for planogram compliance.

Make Corrugate More Communicative

Digimarc on corrugate can easily be applied during the manufacturing process or during fulfillment, to replace fallible labels, save on ink costs, improve distance scanning and boost first-pass read rates.

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Activate Your Print with Digimarc

The Digimarc Platform seamlessly connects printed material, including retail catalogs and large-format materials, such as in-store displays, to digital content.

Connected Print

Visibility for the Supply Chain

The Digimarc Platform provides unique, serialized identities on product packaging to support consumer brand traceability initiatives.

Mitigate Risk
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