Decades of Security Expertise

Digimarc has been a long-time provider of technology to support authentication and deter unauthorized copies of secure identification and valuable documents.


Digimarc Watermarks for Secure Documents

Since 1997, Digimarc has developed innovative solutions to ensure vital public and private documents, including banknotes and driver’s licenses, are secure and protected.



Digimarc has a 21-year history working with a consortium of leading central banks to develop a global system. This system deters the use of personal devices to create unauthorized digital copies of banknotes.

Drivers Licenses

Digimarc was the leading provider of driver’s licenses in the United States from the early to late 2000s. That business unit is now owned by MorphoTrust, a Safran company, and Digimarc continues to support that operation today.

Identification Materials & Other Secure Documents

Digimarc watermarks can be added to virtually any media; contact Digimarc to find out how we can consult with you on your specific project.





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