Defending Publishers with Data

Digimarc Piracy Intelligence delivers deep insight for book publishers into where, when and how e-book theft occurs.


Deterring Digital Piracy

A web-based portal provides instant access to relevant information about websites that illegally profit from pirated works, as well as phishing scams and diversion tactics that draw attention and siphon customers away from publishers. The portal makes it easy to create customizable reports with robust data to keep your teams informed. Comprehensive enforcement services reinforce your rights by delivering Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notices and include working with major search engines to delist pirated content, dramatically reducing its visibility to your potential customers.


An Antipiracy Product

Examine how Digimarc Piracy Intelligence helps publishers stay ahead of today’s sophisticated piracy schemes and address creators’ concerns.

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Features & Benefits

Actionable intelligence about global piracy trends and more forceful enforcement efforts make Digimarc Piracy Intelligence an integral aspect of your robust antipiracy strategies.

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Quickly Access Piracy Reports

The portal makes it easy for publishers to quickly see what titles are being pirated, the details of the piracy activity, and the antipiracy actions Digimarc takes—plus it provides the ability to create customizable reports.

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Publishers Facing Rough Seas with Piracy

Book piracy, phishing scams and other illegal attempts to poach sales are surprisingly sophisticated – and increasingly successful. Explore the depths of piracy and learn how Digimarc solutions protect the content and publishing ecosystem.

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Who Pirates Books, Where & How

Piracy prevention is difficult due to the variety of outlets and varied motivations of illegal downloaders. A Digimarc-sponsored report reveals who illegally downloads books, where people most frequently pirate books and what makes illegal downloaders weary about theft.

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