Understanding Digimarc Barcode Enhancement

Digimarc Barcode contains the same data as traditional barcodes. Unlike visible barcodes that are typically applied to one or two locations on a package, Digimarc Barcode can be applied throughout the entire package design yet is imperceptible to most consumers. Find out how to ensure success when adding Digimarc Barcode to product packaging.


Applying Digimarc Barcode

The process of applying Digimarc Barcode into a graphics file is called “enhancement.” Enhancement involves altering a file at the pixel level. This alteration is minor and may not be easily noticed on the file or plates. The process utilizes the specifications and color space for the specific press used to print each job, and it is important that tolerances are maintained. Once printed, Digimarc Barcode can be scanned by enabled barcode scanners as well as mobile devices with a Digimarc-enabled app.


Quality Control Best Practices

Digimarc Barcode applies product codes to individual design elements and color separations. To ensure quality control throughout the packaging file pre-flight process, Digimarc Barcode should be validated at regular intervals.

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Quality Control Tools

Quality Control Icons

Premedia agencies add special icons to the color legends within the margins of proofs, providing printers with information about Digimarc-enhanced separations and verification tools to ensure mismatching product codes do not go to press.

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Enhancement Report

Digimarc enhancement providers produce a report that helps printers understand which inks contain Digimarc Barcode and how to verify the accuracy of barcode information.


Verifying Digimarc Barcode Accuracy

Digimarc's Mobile Verify app is a tool that enables a quick spot check to ensure there is not a data mismatch in a printed project. The app can be used to confirm the 1D barcode and enhanced Digimarc Barcode contain the same data.

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