Case Study: Widen

Driving Insight and Efficiency into Brand Protection and Rights Management Strategies

Widen is a marketing technology company that helps brands improve the return on their content investments by leveraging its cloud-based digital asset management (DAM) solutions to catalog, govern, publish and analyze valuable content assets. The firm works with world-renowned brands in the areas of marketing, advertising and publishing, as well as content producers in any number of fields, from manufacturing to retail. Widen is a Digimarc partner that integrates Digimarc Barcode for Digital Images into its image protection solutions.

"Our customers are able to add Digimarc Barcode to content to re-enforce their copyright, aid in online image detection, and add an additional layer of channel identification after assets are downloaded." - Jake Athey, VP of marketing at Widen

Digimarc Barcode for Digital Images is a powerful complement to Widen customers’ existing embedded image metadata. Applied at the point an image is downloaded or shared, it is a unique, imperceptible digital identity applied within the color space of image assets.

Providing a Better Game Plan

“Our customers generally come to us with some kind of DAM and rights management plan,” says Jake Athey, VP of marketing at Widen. But, he added, they are not focused specifically on security and asset identification. This is where the Widen-Digimarc partnership proves itself indispensable for Widen’s customers.

“Using Digimarc’s technology, we help our customers create a better game plan,” Athey says. “We ask them: Do you track your digital assets today? What about your digital rights? Do you know what happens to your assets after they’re distributed internally and externally?” Widen, with Digimarc, shows them.

Low Workflow Impact

Widen customers use Digimarc’s technology to identify assets “in the wild,” leveraging unique image and transaction IDs to improve the accuracy and throughput of their brand- and product-management strategies and web-surveillance efforts.

Widen also appreciates Digimarc’s low impact on its customers’ current workflow. Digimarc Barcode is applied at the point an embed or share URL is created—after the image editing process is complete and images are scaled and compressed to their final web-posting size.

 “When it comes to digital rights management and asset tracking, Digimarc Guardian is invaluable to our customers’ digital assets, and we’re proud to be an integration partner,” Athey says.





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