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Differentiate your products and attract new business with connected packaging. Digimarc provides all the software, training and hands-on experience printers and premedia agencies need to support their customers.

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Digimarc watermarks can be applied throughout the entire package design yet is imperceptible to most consumers. See how connected packaging from Digimarc is modernizing the supply chain.

Partnering with Digimarc offers printer and premedia agencies the ability to help customers achieve greater results with brand protection, traceability and sustainability initiatives.

Already a Trained Digimarc Supplier or Working with a Digimarc Client? If so, you can find information and support videos about working with the Digimarc Platform by visiting our Premedia and Printer Requirements FAQs.

3.93T Euromonitor forecasts 3.93T units of packaging will be in global circulation by 2022
12.7% Is the forecasted absolute growth of global packaging from 2017 to 2022, according to Euromonitor
10% Internal studies reveal 10% less ink per square inch is needed to print Digimarc watermarks than a traditional QR Code
$188B Markets & Markets state the anti-counterfeiting packaging market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 12% to $188 B by 2025
92% Of consumers believe brands should take an active role to increase recycling, according to American Recycler


Brand Protection

Digimarc on packaging serves as a critical layer in a successful anti-counterfeiting strategy, helping consumer brands ensure the integrity of goods while preserving their reputation in the marketplace.


Digimarc enables brands and packaging manufacturers to offer variable data printing and serialized identities that ensure the authenticity of your products and reveal new insights throughout the global supply chain.


Industrial trials show Digimarc watermarks can improve the automated sorting of recyclable plastic waste to help reduce environmental pollution. Digimarc is committed to reducing plastic waste globally and is working in partnership with plastics industry associations and international recycling organizations.



Online courses and in-person training workshops for your team on our enhancement tools and quality management software.


Digimarc provides extensions for Adobe software applications so that your team can work with tools they already know. We provide desktop and mobile verification software to ensure your packaging works for all of the intended applications.


Quality management services to partners enhancing product packaging, digital images, audio files and virtually any media with Digimarc watermarks.

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Digimarc makes it easy for your team to get answers on working with us. We provide an extensive help site featuring premedia and printer requirements, FAQs, instructional videos, details on printing files with Digimarc, and more.

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“Our partnership with Digimarc proves our dedication to advancing flexographic printing and our mission to be one of the most innovative companies driving the industry to new heights.” – Brad Wills, Senior Vice President and Global General Manager of MacDermid Graphics Solutions


Consumer Packaging Must be Beautiful and Smart

Packaging can be smarter and "digitally connected" when combined with distributed computer systems and the web. This change will revolutionize productivity and quality while delivering new capability in a variety of product packaging applications.

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Premium Brand Protection

Digimarc delivers sophisticated protection for physical products, packaging and digital images, providing a crucial – and comprehensive – layer that supports anti-counterfeiting strategies to ensure product integrity and preserve brand reputation.

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