3/24/2015 12:00:00 AM

The disclosure relates to cloud-based mobile discovery networks. For example, a mobile discovery network may include a network responsive to successful watermark detection or fingerprint extraction. One claim recites a method of controlling availability of a cloud-based resolver cell in a mobile discovery network, the mobile discovery network comprising a cloud-based traffic router for load balancing requests from remote devices, said method comprising: at the resolver cell, monitoring responses to a plurality of status checks issued by the traffic router to the resolver cell, starting with a first response that includes an error, said monitoring comprising monitoring the next n responses from the resolver cell to the traffic router, where n is an integer more than 3, to determine whether: i) a predetermined percentage of the monitored responses included errors; ii) any response included an error within a preceding time period, and iii) the last response to the traffic router include an error; and if any of items i-iii are true, entering a stabilization mode for a predetermined time, during which predetermined time the resolver cell will issue an unavailable status to the traffic router. Of course other claims and combinations are provided as well.