3/10/2015 12:00:00 AM

A smart phone senses audio and/or imagery from a surrounding environment, and acts to provide graphical user interfaces and toggling discovery modes. In one arrangement, a smart phone comprises: a wireless communications interface; a touch screen display; a camera for capturing imagery; a microphone for capturing audio; a physical discovery button for initiating a discovery mode, in which the discovery mode includes processing smart phone sensor-captured imagery or sensor-captured audio to obtain identification of an object depicted in sensor-captured imagery or of captured audio, the identification obtained through the wireless communications interface; one or more processors; and memory storing software instructions for configuring said one or more processors for: responsive to a request received via the physical discovery button, initiating a discovery mode including processing imagery captured with said camera; causing a sensor pane to be displayed on the touch screen display, in which captured imagery is displayed along with augmented reality graphics within the sensor pane, and causing user-selectable graphic icons to be displayed within a first area of the touch screen display; highlighting an object represented in captured imagery that is displayed within the sensor pane; and causing a user-selectable graphic icon to be displayed on the touch screen display to facilitate switching discovery modes from image to audio. A great number of other features and arrangements are also detailed.





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