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Digimarc Barcode digitally activates any visual content, such as advertising and promotional signs, posters, magazines and images for direct communication with consumers.

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Link Print and Digital Content Now

Digimarc makes it easy to connect consumers with digital content—no QR codes needed. Print ads, posters, direct mail—virtually any printed piece—can be enhanced with Digimarc Barcode, giving consumers the opportunity to scan printed pieces with their phone and get access to brand generated content. Digimarc Barcode can be linked to a web page, like a QR code, but Digimarc technology allows easy updates to the link—and, best of all, no barcode or QR code symbology is seen by consumers. Digimarc Barcode promotes personalized interaction with consumers, while making it easy for companies to monitor and measure consumer interaction with enhanced in-store displays and signage.

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Help Consumers Buy

Digimarc Barcode helps brands capitalize on in-the-moment product enthusiasm, by efficiently moving them from reading print to interacting on the mobile web where they can learn more or buy now.


Educate Associates in Real Time

Consumers today expect more and better product information. Brands that deliver transparency are poised to retain customers and win new business. Digimarc Barcode gives consumers and associates the opportunity to scan packaging with an enabled mobile app to learn more about products, helping them navigate a cluttered marketplace.


Capture Important Information

Digimarc Barcode helps brands and retailers increase their marketing campaign success and improve process management. Employees and consumers can scan in-store print—signage, posters and displays—and be directed to important information. In-store material enhanced with Digimarc Barcode also can capture information that helps organizations understand where and whether shoppers are compelled to interact with branded signage.

Using Digimarc Barcode


QR Codes vs. Digimarc Barcode

A QR Code is similar to Digimarc Barcode in that it links print pieces to digital content via a web link. Yet what makes Digimarc Barcode more advanced, is the ability to regularly change out the web destination (a QR Code link is fixed forever). Digimarc Barcode is also more than a limited symbol, like the UPC barcode or the QR Code, on a print piece. Digimarc Barcode and the artwork are one, they are indistinguishable. Consumers and associates simply scan the images and/or graphics to get the digital payoff.


Enable the Mobile Experience

Brand owners have two ways to help shoppers scan print pieces with Digimarc Barcode. If they have a mobile app, they can integrate the Digimarc Mobile SDK into their application. They can also utilize Digimarc’s free Digimarc Discover® app, which, along with recognizing Digimarc Barcode, also recognizes common symbols like the QR Code and UPC barcodes.


Digimarc Barcode Manager

Brand owners can easily add Digimarc Barcode to printed materials by uploading their images and design files to Digimarc Barcode Manager, a cloud-based file enhancement service. The tool allows for simple self-service for enhancing materials and managing Digimarc Barcode-based campaigns.

What Shoppers Want to Know

Discover what consumers want to know about your products in this easy-to-read infographic.

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Shazam Brings the Showroom to Car Shoppers

BMW worked with popular mobile app, Shazam, which features Digimarc technology, to deliver the ultimate driving machine as an unmatched interactive experience.

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