The Digimarc Platform seamlessly connects magazine, book and catalog consumers to digital content, such as social media channels and videos. Walmart is utilizing the Platform to power its holiday toy catalog and get shoppers to ‘Scan and Shop.’

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Digimarc Barcode for Commercial Print

Making it easy for readers to jump from print content to digital and social media channels expands the possibilities of editorial content, and gives consumers more choice on how they want to consume content. A Target Marketing survey of its readers, found that 80% of respondents think it is important that the commercial print industry provides its readers a cohesive omnichannel experience. By adding Digimarc Barcode, an imperceptible code for printed material, publishers can turn a static article, essay or celebrity profile into a fully-digital media experience with videos, social media feeds and further editorial background.

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It’s easy to get started with Digimarc Barcode Manager, our self-service online portal for adding Digimarc Barcode to your images. All you need is a high-resolution CMYK image sized to 100% for your layout—and you’re good-to-go. Note: Users wishing to do packaging for point of sale check out will need special permissions to do so.

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Free Scanning App

Digimarc Discover is a free mobile app (iOS/Android) that scans Digimarc Barcode as well as traditional UPC barcodes and QR codes. Powered by our Mobile SDK, the Digimarc Discover app connects your readers to digital content.

Digimarc Discover App

Refresh & Expand Content

Print pieces remain in circulation; Digimarc makes it easy to repeatedly update the digital payoff so readers will always discover fresh content. It also helps publishers expand their editorial offerings by linking print pieces to additional videos, fact sheets and special resources online.

Digimarc Makes the Derby Come to Life

Find out how Digimarc technology helped one publisher link readers of its coffee table book on The Kentucky Derby to additional content online, such as historic Derby photos.

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Holocaust Education Group Uses Digimarc Technology to Tell Survivors’ Stories

March for the Living added Digimarc Barcode to a book with images of Holocaust survivors, rescuers and veterans who liberated the camps, so readers could scan the photos and watch video testimonials on their phone.

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