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Digimarc provides a variety of services to ensure the best possible outcomes for clients and partners.

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Digimarc Guardian Piracy Intelligence delivers deep insight into where, when and how digital book theft occurs.

Piracy Intelligence
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Digimarc provides cost-effective services to enhance product packaging, digital images, audio files and virtually any media with Digimarc Barcode.

Enhancement Services
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Quality Control

Digimarc delivers a variety of quality control tools and resources to validate and optimize the design, performance, and reliability of Digimarc Barcode across any media.

Quality Control Services
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Digimarc facilitates seamless integration with a variety of software and hardware systems to maximize value and reduce disruption to the existing technology infrastructure.

Integration Services
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Program Management

Digimarc provides program management and project management services to drive maximum efficiency, communicate best practices and set clients up for sustained success.

Program Management
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Digimarc offers instructor-led training sessions to educate premedia partners about Digimarc Barcode enhancement for product packaging.

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“Significant performance and feature enhancements to retail packaging.” – SGS, Michael Shannon, Chief Innovation Officer