Enhance Your Brand with a Better Barcode

Digimarc provides cost-effective services to enhance product packaging, digital images, audio files and virtually any media with Digimarc Barcode.


Power Up with Our Professional Services

Digimarc Barcode is a more reliable and efficient barcode to power commerce, marketing and logistics. It is an advanced approach to automatic identification that is easy to implement with our professional services and support. Enhance your product packaging, print and audio today with Digimarc Barcode and gain a competitive advantage.

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Enhancement Expertise

Digimarc Client Services provides full-service Digimarc Barcode enhancement, and offers expert professional guidance that ensures your success.

Partner Support

Many of the best prepress and media production providers deliver complete Digimarc Barcode enhancement services, benefiting your brand with a premium appearance and exceptional performance.

In-Depth Training

We provide training tools and documentation that help you execute. Interested in learning how to enhance your packaging, print or audio? Get started now.

3-Step Process

Prepress Management

Digimarc coordinates and receives all related, color-corrected digital assets, including printer specifications and color profile information.

Applying Digimarc Barcode

Detailed file inspection by Digimarc Client Services’ highly-trained Digimarc Barcode experts ensure artwork enhanced with Digimarc Barcode is of the highest quality.

Verification & Quality Control

Customers benefit from thorough quality assurance and control processes, including digital validation, proof printing, 3D mockup, and testing with multiple point-of-sale scanners and mobile devices (iOS/Android).

How to Get Started with Digital Packaging

Find out the best practices for selecting packaging colors, art elements and textures that maximize the machine readability of Digimarc Barcode.

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The Brand Guide to Product Transparency

Here’s the “one-stop shop” for brands looking to get started with product transparency.

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