Making Setup Simple

Digimarc helps clients and partners incorporate Digimarc technology into their systems, seamlessly integrating software and technology for optimal performance.


Strategic Development for Streamlined Integration

Digimarc supports a wide variety of systems and development environments. We will work directly with your team to determine the most appropriate strategy for integrated development.

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Consultative Guidance

In circumstances where Digimarc serves in a consultative role, we can provide guidance and testing services as needed to deliver the highest quality solution.

Integration Viability

Digimarc provides the necessary materials to help ensure accurate Digimarc Barcode detection within your target systems to help optimize for performance.

Technology Tuning

Digimarc assists clients and partners with configuration and tuning choices to improve Digimarc-enabled device performance.

Development Definitions

Digimarc provides a binary library and header APIs for review, and specifies runtime requirements for memory, stack and floating point support.

Integration Compatibility

Digimarc provides an initial baseline SDK configuration to prove basic correctness and stability on the partner development environment.

Project Goals

Digimarc advises clients and partners on expected performance and known trade-offs, providing a better understanding of the product integration goals.

How App Developers Will Reshape Retail

As brands and retailers look for ways to capitalize on connected consumers, the winners will be companies that find ways to quickly and efficiently deliver information that consumers want.

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How an SDK Can Help

In a perfect world, developers could generate their own code and be entirely independent. But in reality, there are times when it is necessary to turn to a technology vendor for help.

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