Quality Comes Standard

Digimarc delivers a variety of quality control tools and resources to validate and optimize the design, performance, and reliability of Digimarc Barcode across any media.


Ensuring Accuracy with Digimarc

Digimarc delivers user-friendly tools, expert client services and support to assure and maintain quality when implementing Digimarc Barcode. Digimarc software allows brands and their supply chain partners to monitor and verify the accuracy of Digimarc Barcode on product packaging and other enhanced media, and assess how successfully products will scan by enabled barcode scanners and mobile devices.

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Verified Data

Your business demands accuracy and Digimarc delivers with services and software to validate the correct information is contained in every Digimarc Barcode.

Easier Workflow

Expert analysis of your workflow, best practices and ongoing customer support ensure quality control steps are established and maintained across your prepress and printing process.

Supply Chain Support

Digimarc delivers guidance, training and tools to help you ensure all stakeholders in your production system adhere to business processes and quality control requirement.

Quality Control Process

Digital File Inspection

Evaluate the file using digital tools as well as visual inspection for any irregularities.

Mock-up Creation

Using printer specifications, create a color-matched proof using our high-quality printers then set to exact form factor.

Print Proof Validation

Using mock-up or actual off-press proof, confirm correct information and data readability.

How to Get Started with Digital Packaging

Find out the best practices for selecting packaging colors, art elements and textures that maximize the machine readability of Digimarc Barcode.

Get Started

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