Quick & Easy Data Validation

Quality control reports with easy-to-follow graphics enable printers and premedia professionals to validate Digimarc Barcode accuracy throughout a package or label.

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Digimarc Verify Software

Digimarc Verify - Desktop gives print professionals and premedia professionals the ability to validate the location and consistency of Digimarc Barcode on packaging and labels. They can scan a print sample on a Digimarc-recommended image scanner and import the file into a computer installed with Digimarc Verify. The software produces a report with Validation Points, a series of color-coded markers that clearly confirms the presence and location of Digimarc Barcode within color separations for packaging artwork.


Comprehensive Package Review

Digimarc Verify produces a Digimarc Enhancement Report featuring a comprehensive summary that includes a “coverage map,” which graphically-indicates the location of the Digimarc Barcode signal across the package or label.

Validation Points

The Digimarc Enhancement Report features a series of color-coded markers indicating where Digimarc Barcode is located on the package or label. Printers can use this report as a guide to scan the print sample with Digimarc Verify - Mobile, a free mobile app (iOS/Android), to validate that the data in Digimarc Barcode is consistent with the data in the UPC barcode.

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To get started, you need to request Digimarc Verify desktop software from the Digimarc product team. We will email you with download instructions.

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Digimarc Quality Management System

The quality management system makes it easy and fast for premedia and printers to correctly print Digimarc Barcode and assure successful performance.

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Digimarc Verify - Desktop Video Walkthrough

Watch a short video walkthrough of the Digimarc Verify - Desktop software with Application Ratings, a new feature coming soon.