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With the Digimarc® Discover ID Manager, you can embed imperceptible Digimarc IDs into images, text, and audio without additional software or special printing. This is also the place where you will manage all of your Digimarc IDs. Just create a free account and start enabling your media today. You’ll find all the tools and help you’ll need in your own ID Manager account.

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One platform for all media – print, audio, and video.

Deliver an instant, consistent mobile experience that you control.

Easily segment media for regionalized campaigns.

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See how easy it is to Digimarc-enable your media without additional software or special printing. We’ve designed our ID Manager to help you connect with your consumers easily.

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Digimarc Discover has enabled media for many prominent brands and publishers.

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Cooking Light  Consumers Get Cooking with Digimarc® Discover

"We know our consumers are looking for practical tools to make family meal planning quick and easy; so we're excited to provide this smart solution. They can easily scan, save, shop, cook and share with a convenient resource they always have with them — their smartphone." — Scott Mowbray, Editor, Cooking Light

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Ford Inspires New Buyers with Digimarc

Find out how the global brand infuses its brochures with the excitement of a Mustang test drive.

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Ford Mustang Case Study