Digimarc® Discover Mobile App

Discover More with Digimarc

Once you’ve installed the Digimarc® Discover app on your mobile device, simply point it at Digimarc-enabled media to connect to a world of fun and informative branded content. Even better, the Digimarc Discover app recognizes Digimarc-enabled audio on radio, on television, and in stores. It will even scan QR codes and read regular barcodes and UPC symbols.

What can you discover with the app?

More and more media and objects are becoming Digimarc-enabled every day. Simply launch the Digimarc Discover mobile app to discover all the enabled publications, media and products that matter to you from the sources you trust.

Engaging Print

  • Access special deals found nowhere else
  • Get more information immediately
  • Extend the conversations that interest you

Awesome Audio

  • Dive deeper into your favorite shows
  • Connect with content specific to your location
  • Never forget to follow up on interesting commercials

Special Packaging

  • Find interactive and informative videos
  • Access exclusive offers and discounts
  • Discover new recipes and related products

Learn More About Using the Digimarc Discover App

Try it Yourself

Download the Digimarc® Discover app to enable your mobile device to interact with the world around you! Then, play the audio demonstration video or download the PDF of the sample coffee ad to try it out.

More Demo Materials

Supported Devices

As an industry leader, we’re always keeping pace with the latest mobile devices.

Digimarc® Discover 6.x mobile app requires devices that support the follow OS:

  • iOS 9.0 and above
  • Android 4.1 – 7.1.1