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Champion your content owners' rights

To disrupt the piracy distribution chain, Digimarc focuses its efforts on sites hosting pirated content: cyberlockers, peer-to-peer networks, and other offending sites.

Why use Digimarc® Guardian?

Pursue piracy sites aggressively and persistently with industry-leading approach.


Gain clarity into the full extent of your piracy problem.


Scale your insight to any size catalog.

The Human Factor

Minimize false positives with two-step human verification.

Purge Malicious Search Results

Eliminate filesharing links from Google, Yahoo and Bing results pages.

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Our Guardian solution uses publisher-provided metadata to detect and validate full, infringing copies of protected content on cyberlockers, peer-to-peer networks, and other offending sites. A two-step human-review process sets the solution apart from other anti-piracy providers and assures a near-zero false positive rate. Non-compliant filesharing sites are addressed through our aggressive, tiered enforcement system.

Who’s to Blame?

Pirates distribute content through cyberlockers, peer-to-peer networks, and other offending sites.

Piracy Ecosystem

What’s the Solution?

When Digimarc finds illicit copies of protected works, enforcement takes place through tiered escalation measures, which include: DMCA notices to offending sites, search engine de-listing, and higher escalation tactics reserved for non-responsive sites.

Digimarc Guardian Watermarking

Digimarc® Guardian Watermarking

Available as a stand-alone or add-on feature, get an extra level of security and analysis with digital watermarking.

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Digimarc Guardian Customers

Digimarc Guardian has protected copyrighted works for many prominent media companies.

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How Digimarc® Guardian Works

Find out how we disrupt the piracy ecosystem at its weakest link: the point of distribution.

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Case Study: RosettaBooks

RosettaBooks adds revenue and titles with Digimarc Guardian. Find out how sales grew nearly 300% during the first nine months of service.

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