Digimarc® Guardian for Images

Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 Notice:

Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 did not ship with the Digimarc Guardian for Images plug-in pre-installed. Digimarc Guardian for Images still works just fine with the latest version of Photoshop, but must be installed manually. We have provided manual installation instructions to help get our users back up and running.

Digimarc Guardian For Images
Assert your ownership and help potential buyers find you.

Digimarc® Guardian for Images embeds imperceptible, persistent Guardian IDs into digital image assets to communicate ownership and other information — wherever the images appear online. Digimarc Guardian for Images helps hobbyist, freelance and professional photographers – plus everyone in-between – to manage, monitor and monetize their online portfolios and digital assets.

Imperceptible and Persistent

Digimarc® Guardian for Images embeds an imperceptible Guardian ID that persists through file copying, format changes, encryption and decryption, as well as image manipulations — editing, cropping, compression and decompression — all without affecting the visual quality of the image or the enjoyment of its viewers. No matter where your digital image ends up, potential customers will be able to determine your copyright ownership and find you.

46-Year Old Pro Photographer: "Digimarc is a no-brainer"

Professional Edition customer Joe Baraban, speaks about the frustrations of unauthorized and uncompensated use of his work, and how he uses Digimarc to protect his copyright and his income.

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