Meet our talented customers. Below is just a small sampling of our talented customers' images and quotes about how the service improves their peace of mind. Each image is digitally watermarked via Digimarc® Guardian for Images.

John Batdorff — Customer Since 2010

"I'm a photographer and blogger, so most of my images are online and like many other professional and amateur photographers alike, I worry about image theft. Digimarc has been my answer. The program is rock solid and works seamlessly into my workflow. Image theft is a reality and while a simple graphic watermark can help, it's Digimarc's digitally embedded watermark that helps me sleep at night. The best part is that the watermark is not visible within the image, so the quality of my work is not visually compromised. Not to mention the Professional Edition has a very slick report that helps me track the whereabouts of my images. If you're serious about protecting your images from unauthorized use, then look no further. Digimarc is the real deal."

Dennis Novak — Customer Since 2010

"I really like the new Chroma watermark because I can apply the most durable watermark and it never degrades the quality of the image. I have been tagging my images with metadata for some time now and am well aware of the drawbacks of being able to easily strip away this data, especially by simply copying an image with 'screen grabs.' With a digital watermark, I'm confident that my ownership information will persist with the image."

Willem Weimer — Customer Since 2008

"When I started my website in 2008, I was looking for something to protect my pictures. I went on the Internet to see what kind of possibilities there were. I chose Digimarc, which I think is the best solution for my work as a hobbyist."

Dennis Kunkel — Customer Since 2000

"My commercial scientific stock photography involves images taken with light and electron microscopes. In order to protect the copyright to these unique images an invisible Digimarc [watermark] is embedded in the images. It provides for an digital identity to an image that can easily be tracked in printed and digital form. The Digimarc watermark especially allows for easy tracking of images used on the web without my permission. It is a tremendous business relief to have the Digimarc technology that allows such easy user interface and tracking capabilities for images."

Dennis Kunkel case study

Thomas Wiewandt — Customer Since 2007

"I've used both versions of Digimarc's watermarking software and can say that your advanced Chroma technology is superior. Images that once appeared "soft" after watermarking are now crisp and true to my originals."

Douglas Auld — Customer Since 2008

"I discovered the naked truth that people worldwide would rather steal images than pay for them. One day I was reading about Digimarc and what they were attempting to do in the world of protecting images. I got a wakeup call when Digimarc told me that my works had been compromised and I had 86 different images found all over the world. The timing for an upgrade was perfect as Digimarc was announcing their new and exciting Chroma watermarking technology for combating and embedding images and meeting the needs of image protection. I have consistently checked and been informed by my customer service representative as to any changes or copying of images. I can tell you that from what I have seen so far the protection has increased."

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