Our partners and customers include global technology innovators in digital publishing, image editing, media management, and image licensing and protection. Partners and companies have licensed our technology or intellectual property, directly or indirectly, and are commercially offering or developing solutions.


In October 1996, Adobe released Photoshop 4.0 with our plug-in pre-installed, making it the first digital watermark-enabled application. Digimarc continues to be the only company with a third-party application that ships with Photoshop.

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BrandProtect empowers organizations to gain control over how they are represented online by uncovering and mitigating the issues that put their reputation at risk and erode customer trust. BrandProtect's response services help organizations detect, uncover and mitigate brand and trademark infringement issues, phishing attacks, Web traffic diversions and even defamatory discussions. BrandProtect was the first company of its kind to be offered full membership by the Forum for Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST). The company also has relationships with more than 2,000 Internet Service Providers globally, accounting for more than 85 percent of the traffic flowing across the Internet.

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celum is the leading software company for enterprise digital asset management solutions. Our products automate and accelerate communication, marketing and sales processes, reducing costs andhelping our customers achieve greater flexibility in day-to-day operations. Over 550,000 users, from more than 500 companies in 32 countries, rely on celum software to deliver efficiency in digital asset management. Digimarc allows our customers to protect images which are published via celum IMAGINE. The direct integration of the watermarking functionality in automated conversion and delivery processes makes the protection of images secure and transparent for the end user.

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Equilibrium pioneered the first server-based platform for e-businesses that automates the entire media publishing process for the print, web and mobile devices. Equilibrium's integration of Digimarc enables on-demand digital watermarking of images as they are generated. Equilibrium integrates the Digimarc digital images SDK into its MediaRich® Media Server Platform for on-demand delivery of media assets to web, mobile and other devices (Xserve, Winserv, Linux and Solaris). The Digimarc SDK is also integrated into the DeBabelizer Pro product line for the desktop and high volume off-line media processing. Customers include eMotion, Sony Pictures, Universal Music Group, E! Entertainment, Microsoft, Cisco, Volvo, Stanley Works, Edwards Lifesciences and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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InDorse Technologies

InDorse delivers data loss discovery and intelligence solutions that strengthen existing data loss prevention and digital rights management implementations. Our unique, award-winning products add a new level of security to IT infrastructures without disrupting business processes. InDorse Call-Home™ uses native file security elements to detect and monitor file opens anywhere on the Internet. InDorse Watermark™ embeds a unique, invisible watermark ID into documents, images and screen displays. InDorse Watermark and Call-Home actions can be triggered according to corporate security policies — providing an unprecedented layer of added protection to documents identified as highly confidential or business-critical.

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Kittelberger media solutions is an online agency and service provider working in the areas internet, product information management/ media asset management and cross media publishing. Kittelberger’s PIM and MAM software advastamedia uses Digimarc for automatic watermarking of images within internet publishing workflows.

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North Plains

TeleScope is North Plains’ market leading digital asset management solution for helping companies of all sizes get better content to market faster. TeleScope uses Digimarc to give assets a persistent invisible digital identity to enable increased brand protection, automation of image tracking, and security for valuable brand image assets.

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Open Text

The Open Text Digital Media Group is a global leader in Digital Asset Management (DAM), with deep knowledge and experience in digital media management and creative workflows. Media Management On Demand — Open Text's award-winning hosted solution — improves collaboration and streamlines workflows for geographically dispersed marketing and advertising teams with powerful tools for finding, accessing, reviewing, transforming and distributing digital media like print layouts, photos and images. Open Text's proven hosted solution is the DAM of choice for many of the world's leading brands such as Microsoft, Discovery Communications, Exxon Mobil, and MasterCard.

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