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If you’re a creative professional and you want to communicate ownership and track online usage of up to 2,000 of your image assets per year, this is just what you need. Embed personalized Guardian IDs into your digital images using Adobe Photoshop and/or Elements. The included Digimarc Search Service automatically crawls the web and reports where it finds your images being used online.

Protect your copyright. Attract new customers.

Imperceptible to the eye, Guardian IDs:

  • Assert your ownership and your customers’ usage rights
  • Connect viewers back to you for licensing or questions
  • Preserve the visual integrity of your images

Track your images' use across the Internet

The included Digimarc Search Service constantly crawls the web, scans billions of images each year, and generates online reports to help you:

  • Know where your images are being used online
  • Ensure you are fairly compensated
  • Better manage your brand online

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Easily manage your account and your images

Find everything you need to monitor your work in the customer dashboard:

  • See how many of your digital images have been found online and where.
  • Control what data and web lookup information your digital images carry.
  • Review your account information, status updates, and promotions at a glance.

Professional Edition Case Study: Science Stock Photographer

Learn how an award-winning photomicrographer protected his assets upon engaging the online marketplace.

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