Know where your images are online.

Whether you make money from photography or use images in marketing campaigns, confidential documents, product launches and more, it is essential you know where your images are being used on the web. After all, you chose to Digimarc your images to communicate ownership as well as protect your copyrights and sensitive documents; now its time to use the Guardian ID to identify where they are turning up online.

Digimarc Search Service Reports

Depending on your subscription level, the reporting function provides:

  • A complete list of all web URLs where your images are found, including thumbnails.
  • List views of domains and the number of images found on each web site.
  • Drill-down capabilities into specific domains to investigate more closely.
  • Filtration for high value images, tracked and managed through specific ID numbers.
  • Exportation of report data to a comma-delimited file, easily imported into many commonly used reporting applications.

How the application finds new web pages

Digimarc Search Service looks for Digimarc digital watermarks throughout the publicly accessible portions of the Internet. Our search tool continually updates its database by checking frequently visited sites in search of new links. There is a strong correlation between the number of links directed to a page and its prominence. Therefore, the search tool visits pages with numerous associated links more frequently. The more popular the website your digitally watermarked images appear on, the faster they will be discovered and tracked.

Advanced Option: Directed Search

Enterprise Edition customers can take advantage of the Directed Search feature, which targets URLs that you specify and goes deeply into those websites every month. This is especially useful if your images regularly appear on pages that receive less traffic, or if you want to monitor potentially offending sites.


Digimarc Search Service is optimized for sites that the image user owns and operates, where the highest quality images reside and the potential for fraud or commercial benefit is greatest. Please note that password-protected sites, web pages behind firewalls, Flash-based galleries and database-driven websites are not open for any spider to crawl, including Digimarc's. This includes popular photo-sharing portals as well as social networking sites such as Facebook.

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