Guide: Brand Protection for Digital-First Enterprises

Digital Watermarking to Combat Counterfeiting & Promote Digital Transformation

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Brands are under attack in multiple ways, including counterfeit selling online, altered packaging and product labels, as well as infringement of intellectual property. In many industries, this infringement means more than just a hit to a brand’s reputation, but the possibility of endangering their consumers' health and safety.

Protecting your brand, and product packaging specifically, requires a multi-layered approach—there is no one solution—but covert and digital watermarking are the indispensable defense layer.

Get Digimarc’s new guide "Brand Protection for Digital-First Enterprises" and discover:

  • Why brand protection is linked to digital transformation
  • How to use a multi-layered approach to protecting customers & brand reputation
  • Three key methods for utilizing digital watermarking on packaging/labels
  • Strategies for implementing both covert & overt protection strategies

Download a handy cheat sheet on the six key strategies for protecting brand identity right now, and also fill out the contact form to get the full guide.

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