Connected Packaging That Speaks and Sells

Connected Packaging

Today, brands need to connect with shoppers. In order to do that, product packaging must adapt to compete.

New technologies combined with consumer demand for more information and regulations that require it have brought about a market for so-called "connected packaging." By communicating with consumers' smartphones, retail checkout scanners and even industrial manufacturing sensors, connected packaging is more powerful and complex than ever. But, the benefits for businesses are boundless.

This free guide, a joint collaboration between Digimarc and Package Design magazine, explores the benefits of enhanced packaging and how consumer brands can quickly deploy. You'll learn:

  • Why consumer product packaging must adapt to compete
  • How the barcode standards organization has embraced new technology
  • How consumer demand and new regulations have ushered in a new era of transparency
  • Key considerations for designers as they develop connected packaging
  • Practical tips for swiftly and successfully deploying connected packaging now
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