Solving Slow Checkout: A Webinar Featuring Forrester

Forrester Webinar

It’s no secret that slow checkout lines are a drag on busy shoppers eager to get in and out of the store. A new commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Digimarc reveals how poor checkout experiences not only damage customer satisfaction, but also changes their behavior, resulting in fewer sales and lost customers. The study highlights how retailers who prioritize checkout efficiency can better satisfy busy customers and attract new shoppers from rivals.

Get the infographic with high-level takeaways form the study.

Join guest speaker retail Vice President and Principal Analyst George Lawrie from Forrester and Digimarc’s Heidi Dethloff for a much-needed check-in on checkout. The webinar will look at key research findings and how they reveal:

  • Why a focus on fresh foods and more frequent shopping trips puts pressure on checkout lines
  • The complexity of shoppers’ trust and how a bad in-store experience can affect their view of your brand
  • Best practices for making checkout speed a competitive differentiator
  • Front-of-store technology solutions that streamline checkout to satisfy today’s shopper

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