The Supply Chain: Go From Cost Center to Profit Center


Most manufacturing supply chains have been designed for the mass-market reseller, moving full pallets on full trucks from one big building to another. But now, with small cases or units or even parcel shipments sent direct to consumers’ homes, all bets are off, and your supply chain must be data-driven and flexible to compete.

Increasingly real-time product data is making it possible to apply data analytics and transform demand replenishment from primarily being forecast-based to response-based. Download this interview with IDC Custom Solutions supply chain expert Simon Ellis and learn more about:

  • Marrying supply chain efficiency with brand image and appeal
  • Why the “thinking supply chain” relies on package-level data
  • The value of product serialization versus traditional means of ID
  • The key technologies that will enable item-level tracking

Find out what you need to do now to turn your supply chain into an opportunity center for your business.

Download the White Paper

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